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Alta Tierra Homes are modern and provides a comfortable lifestyle to its inhabitants.  To make the comfort durable, these homes have amenities and features that are modern.  These amenities make life better by allowing every individual to enjoy some alone time and benefit from the company of neighbors whenever needed. 

All the features installed in these homes are updated and modernized to offer a classy atmosphere that both young and old will enjoy.  It would be boring if only the homes were made to provide comfort, this is because as much everyone wants a stylish home it gets annoying at times to just stay holed in there. 

Some outdoor life and fun won’t hurt rather will cause one to thrive.  Besides food, our bodies need some sunlight and exercises that ought to be given daily for a healthy lifestyle.  Planning a schedule to enjoy the amenities provided will allow you to have a healthy heart and general life. 

It would also be ideal to live together as a community with your neighbors by getting to know them through these amenities.  Individuality is important, but the community is great at times too.  Don’t spend the rest of your time alone; it’s great to surround yourself with some love.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
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Quality amenities that are durable have been put in place in strategic locations to allow everyone access.  These amenities include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Jogging track
  • Camp Site
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball court
  • Entrance Gate
  • Basketball court
  • Commercial Area
  • Underground Drainage
  • Centralized water system
  • Meralco power supply
  • Garden
  • Parking
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